A Sims 3 Story


Ooooooh, link!


meezletoe says:

Its a little difficult for me to navigate (although I shouldn’t be talking, hehe). o_o Could you add a chapter list maybe? @_@

Mariia says:

What are those? Are they like widgets???? Or if not could you help me set one up??? Thannnks 😀

meezletoe says:

I just put links for the chapters in a different page. 😀 Like this:
You know how to make pages though I see. 😀 I don’t know how to do it another way ><;

meezletoe says:

Ah I see the categories now. ^^; Were they there the whole time, because if they were I’m going to feel ridiculous! It’s in reverse-order right? 😀

Mariia says:

They were there the whole time, and yep they are in reverse order.

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