A Sims 3 Story

{March 6, 2010}   Updated New Story

I was busy for awhile, because I couldn’t come up with anything new for my newย story. I have updated it, and it’ll be updated almost daily for now on. Please check it out!!!

*Hugs for still continuing to read this mess of a story :)*



{October 25, 2009}   Mary’s Life In Pictures

I made a Sims movie about Mary’s life and the people in her life. I wanted to record using the video option in the game, but when I uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker it wouldn’t work, and I don’t have Sony Vegas on my laptop. So I used really nice pictures from the series to explain Mary’s life, and I really hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kGRVZviiM4

It gives more insight into Mary’s character, because I had actually based Mary’s life off of the first song in the video My Immortal- Evanescence. I had tried to make Mary’s life like a sad song ๐Ÿ™‚


{October 25, 2009}   The End

I’m close to my time to rest, so this will be the end of my story. I hope you enjoyed, because I know I did. I hope when I leave my children will do good without me, actually I know they will.Screenshot-347Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346So far, I’m excited for death, death is just your spirit outgrowing your body, and then you get to start life anew.

I’m excited about what will happen in my children’s futures…


… and sad I won’t be there to find out.Screenshot-352

The End…

{October 24, 2009}   Birthdays Galore

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! I love making my sims have birthdays. Today Mary turned into an elder. The triplets turned into young adults (yeah they were too boring as teens), and Mary is nearly dead. Her bar is pretty much completely full. The next post will be the end. Yeah this story is all mixed up and has no meaning, you should have stopped reading it weeks ago! There will also be no pictures in this post because I am too lazy to open Sims 3 and take pictures. ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Today my children and I aged, I advanced 1 age and they advanced 2. I’m nearly done my elder life though, so I think that in the next entry I will die. Hopefully not, that would be really awkward. Me writing then suddenly dying, how nice. My children seem to know I’m going to die soon, I have gotten very pail, frail, and I don’t have much energy. I know I’m going to die, and strangely enough, I’m ok with it. I think that it will be fun to die! Actually, I don’t think that, but I realize that it’s my time to go. Oh, in case you are wondering, my parents, Barry, and Holly have already died. I didn’t hear about until yesterday. I was going to visit my parents and when I rang the doorbell a stranger answered. When I asked where my parents were they said that they had died and their son had sold the house to them. Nice going Barry, you didn’t even tell your sister about her parents death. Then I went over to Barry’s house to talk some sense into him and the same thing happened. Except this time Holly’s cousin sold the house and I didn’t hear anything about my brother dying. They don’t know anything about being polite, do they? I am so mad now, I really think it would be best for the world if I do die. Considering I feel like digging up Barry’s remains from the ground and lighting them on fire. I really hope I die.

{October 24, 2009}   Children Are A Big Pain

My new house is, well, nice I guess. I can’t say I love it though. I’m barely ever there though, I’m always running around the town volunteering.Screenshot-328 Heak, my children have a better relationship with their babysitter then they have with me! I still couldn’t miss today though. It was the triplet’s birthdays! After they aged up, Nathan was already complaining about something. ” The ceiling is too low Mom! How will I fit my many sculptures in here if they are huge?” Screenshot-329He got the artistic trait, while Zach got the friendly trait, and Jordan got the athletic trait. There they were using their traits! Screenshot-332



{October 20, 2009}   No Posts Until Saturday

There will be no more posts until Saturday to get things running smoothly on my new Sims story Pain. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please check it out! http://painsasimslife.wordpress.com/

I have so many ideas for Sims stories, but I don’t want to finish this story yet. So I’m going to start 2 more Sims Stories!! The links are here :

Pain : A Sims Perspective At Lifeย http://painsasimslife.wordpress.com/

Pain will be similar to the book by Judy Blume minus the puberty part. It will be about the boys family getting rich, and how he deals with everything that’s coming for him.

I’m so excited! I really hope you like it! Leave comments below and tell me what you think! I love reading comments! Too bad I never get any!!! LAZY BUMS! Just kidding :). Just leave more comments in the future, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚ This one will be done later, it will start November 1st.

{October 18, 2009}   Ideas For Next Story

Yeah, you might be saying “already! this story isn’t even done!”. I’m looking to end this story soon, I have killed off as many people as I can and really, it’s too predictable. So I just got a really good idea that I need to write down. I want to make a Sims 3 story of an actual book. My ideas right now are

Judy Blume-

Just As Long As We’re Together ( 3rd choice)

Here’s To You Rachel Robinson (6th choice)

Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great (4th choice)

Then Again, Maybe I Won’t ( 1st choice) If I make this one I will focus on his family getting rich, not his puberty lol ๐Ÿ™‚

+ Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing (5th choice)

Roald Dahl-

The Witches ( 8th choice)

The BFG ( 7th choice)

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ( 9th choice)

+ Danny The Champion Of The World ( 2nd choice)

Please leave a comment saying which one you would like more, but first familiarize yourself with the books by searching them on Wikipedia. So vote for Then Again, Maybe I Won’t or Danny The Champion Of The World! All the books are on Wikipedia and all but Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing have a good description.

If you have another idea, feel free to leave it below in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Maria

{October 18, 2009}   Modern

I stayed at the grave yard for a little bit longer, and harvested a death flower! Yay! Screenshot-298In their attempt to attract visiters to the town Sunset Valley is becoming more modern. They are destroying and rebuilding houses, and I bet I will be dead before they’ re done. I was one of the first ones asked to get their house destroyed because I live near the ocean, and that is the area of interest. I told them no, obviously, I paid so much for my perfect house, now they want to destroy it? They said if I didn’t let them change it they would sue me! I didn’t want to get sued, so I let them destroy my house. ย So me and the triplets will be sleeping over at my parent’s house for a couple days. My parent’s house is next on the list to get modernized, because the area is growing rapidly. There’s a possibility they won’t modernize it though, it’s one of the most famous buildings in Sunset Valley. You know how at the beginning of the story I said that the Kings are the most famous family in Sunset Valley? That’s where the first King lived, when they came over from Ireland, so they wouldn’t want to destroy the house, would they? You never know with those people. They work fast though, by the time I was driving over to my parent’s house, the builders called me and said they were done. Screenshot-301

Welcome home!

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{October 18, 2009}   Visiting My Family

While I was in the graveyard I saw a lot of ghosts, 3 of them were familiar though, and I left flowers at their graves.

GrandmaScreenshot-296 Edward Screenshot-295

And Mr. Jupper, but he disappeared before the others. But before I could go and chat with them, they were gone. I would’ve really appreciated giving Grandma a hug. I would need to go back tomorrow.

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